makeup artist applying airbrush makeup

Airbrush Makeup

Traditionally, foundation and makeup are applied to the skin using sponges, brushes, and even your fingers. However, airbrush makeup includes foundation and other liquid makeup applied to the skin through an airflow-controlled spray tool. This enables the airbrush makeup to be applied smoothly and evenly across the skin to create a flawless finish that is excellent for photographs, advertisements, weddings, parties, and any other occasion when you want your face to look picture-perfect.


At Sirena Artistry, I can provide airbrush makeup that will give you a soft, airy glow. I provide full glam or soft glam makeup with an airbrush machine. All airbrush makeup is water and sweat-proof and has 18 to 24-hour staying power. My packages include a mini facial, lashes, and any eye looks to give you the ultimate pampering experience and make sure you look and feel your very best. First, we will have a consultation to determine what kind of makeup you require and what look you’re going for, and we’ll figure out the perfect makeup for you and your needs.


As a travel makeup artist, I can come to any location or event to ensure your makeup is freshly done on the spot. For exquisite airbrush makeup from a certified makeup artist, schedule an appointment for makeup services in the Odessa, TX, area today.