fashion makeup

Fashion Makeup

Makeup needs to look a certain way to be properly captured on camera. Sirena Artistry has years of experience working with commercial and fashion makeup, and I know exactly how to apply makeup to get the right look for professional photo and video.


I can provide makeup services for advertising, fashion, TV, photoshoots, editorials, pageants, and more. Commercial makeup needs to look natural but stunning. It should confine natural light, making the skin look bright but beautiful. Advertisements have themes, so the makeup will vary depending on the subject matter. I can create the perfect look for any photoshoot or advertising campaign to complement the theme and make the model shine. When it comes to television, lighting is the most significant factor to consider, and makeup should coordinate with the bright light used on the set.


As an experienced TV makeup artist, I can provide makeup that looks natural and shows up perfectly on screen. I have also worked as a New York Fashion Week makeup artist, so I am no stranger to fashion, photoshoot, and pageant makeup. When you need makeup for your fashion show, I can provide runway-ready makeup that matches any look. Schedule an appointment with a professional fashion and photoshoot makeup artist in Odessa, TX, today.